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Our time together is valuable. Like the lawyer in this joke, I charge for consultations.

Unlike the lawyer, though, I don’t charge per question, charge an exorbitant amount, or leave you hanging with less-than-useful answers.

I charge a mere $60 for an introductory hour-long consultation - that’s less than the cost of a business shirt and tie or a nice pair of shoes.

Online Booking Coming Soon: for now, call me at 970-449-3461 or email me.

And now for a lawyer joke...

A man walks into his lawyer’s office and asks, “Do you really charge three hundred dollars for three questions?”

“That’s right,” she replies.

“Don’t you think that is a lot?”

“I do, what is your third question?”

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From powers of attorney to business planning, and more, having a trusted advisor to guide you through the process is critical.