About Brian Hanning

One business law class at Colorado State University’s College of Business was all it took to convert an 18-year-old freshman into a hopeful lawyer. I followed up my undergrad by attending Michigan State University College of Law.

In 2014, I passed the Bar and became licensed to practice law in the great state of Colorado. Later I was admitted to practice in front of the Federal District Court of Colorado. My goal is to ensure my clients are in a position to avoid going to trial, as much as possible, and as such my focus is on preventative law rather than litigation.

Since passing the bar, I’ve practiced in Northern Colorado, working first with the City Attorney’s Office for the City of Fort Collins researching, drafting ordinances, and practicing law in a wide variety of areas. When my time with the City ended, I helped to build a local law firm practicing business law. That enabled me to have direct client experience with a wide array of businesses and creatives. In 2017, I took the leap and started my own firm.

Since creating the firm, I have also become a volunteer through the Colorado Attorneys for the Arts, a pro bono legal referral service connecting limited-income artists and creative entities to volunteer attorneys.

In my personal life, I love to spend time with my dogs - a golden retriever, a poodle, and a chocolate lab. I enjoy reading . . . and I’ll happily trade recommendations with you. You can also find me helping LaunchNo.Co and its events such as PitchNo.Co, and I end up at one of our finest coffee shops or breweries regularly.

Brian Hanning

And now for a quick lawyer joke...

Santa Claus, a hotdog vendor, and an honest lawyer are walking down the street together.

They all spot a $100 bill.

Who gets it?

The hotdog vendor; the other two are mythical.

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