Business lawyers have a wide variety of responsibilities when it comes to practicing the law; for instance, I can help you with everything from the terms of use for your website to creating a master service contract.

That being said, it’d be almost impossible for me to outline every service I can perform for you. If you’re not quite sure what kind of help you need, let’s schedule some time to sit down and talk about your situation and I can help guide you to the right resource (even if that involves a referral to another attorney).

Here are a few of the most common things I help businesses and non-profits with:

Setup and Creation, Contracts, and Employment Law

Business MeetingSpecifically For Businesses

Thrill, excitement, gut-wrenching terror: just a few of the core emotions you’ll face starting your own business. On the upside, you get to be your own boss. The problem is, you’re also the boss now. When, where, and how to work – as well as what to work on are now all decisions you’ll need to make.Somewhere between the initial spark of creation and picking out your office furniture, you should chat with a lawyer who can help you decide which type of business entity should be formed.

The practical difference between partnerships, LLC,s Corporations, and Public Benefit Corporations can be significant and each entity can help you reach your goals in different ways. On the other hand, a non-profit is defined by the IRS approving your application of a Form 1023 or Form 1023EZ for exemption for certain taxes. Selecting the best underlying entity for your non-profit can be a difficult choice. Having a knowledgeable guide to entity format and non-profit creation can be a timesaver.

Following the right protocols with whatever entity you choose can be just as important as the choice itself – a lawyer can help you make the right decisions, show you the correct steps, and ensure your business will shield you from liability.

The easiest way to avoid trouble is to have help to create approachable, enforceable contracts to get you paid. Contracts also outline your responsibilities while selling a product or service and help prevent and resolve disputes.

Even if your business is already in full swing, I might be able to help you resolve a problem or two – contact me to see how I can add to your success.


ArtistYour work is amazing and creative, so why wouldn’t you protect it?

Copyright registrations are one of the best and most affordable investments creators can make to protect creative works. For individuals, copyright protection lasts for your life plus seventy years and for a work-for-hire, it is 120 years from creation.

Copyright registration carries a fee for the United States Copyright Office as well as some complex paperwork that can be tricky to get right. Most common registrations (books, music, and movies) have a fee of $55. Getting the paperwork right the first time can save you a lot of stress and headaches. Complex registrations (like boat hull designs) can range up to the maximum fee of $400. Getting the paperwork wrong can cost you your time, the copyright, AND your fee (you’ll have to start over).

The great news is, I only charge $300 on top of the registration fee to help you complete the copyright registration process. The registration fee portion goes straight to the United States Copyright Office. The amount I charge is the cost for my time to make sure the registration is complete, has no errors, and all appropriate research is done prior to submission.

I also draft licenses to allow you to buy and sell copyrights, as well as consulting with you on the viability of litigation around the copyrights you own.

You deserve the opportunity to profit and prosper from the work you create. If you’re interested in getting help to protect that opportunity, contact me. Even if you think you can’t afford it, legal assistance is available – through Colorado Attorneys for the Arts, I provide pro bono assistance to certain limited-income artists and creative entities.


TrademarksBuilding a brand takes a lot of time and energy.

At its core, your brand is how you communicate with the world what products and services you offer and the quality of your work. It is important to protect your brand and your reputation.

Registering a Trademark with the USPTO has a number of steps, but the rewards include recognition of your brand. With that registration, you have the ability to prevent others from interfering or damaging your reputation on a national level.

The choice of what and how many Trademarks to register can be an important discussion, along with when registration makes sense. Having a plan in place regarding these trademarks is a good next step.

You deserve to understand if a Trademark can help you protect your brand. If you are interested in learning more about how Trademark fees are calculated or the process, contact me.

Document Review and Negotiation

Document ReviewContracts. Those things are everywhere.

From the terms and conditions for the app you just downloaded, to the lease for your apartment, and so many other facets of life, it can be important to know what you are signing.

After all, knowing what you are signing can help you understand the best ways to proceed or even if accepting the contract is the right choice. Sometimes, there is the potential to tweak the language in order to better protect you.

If you have a contract you need help understanding or negotiating, contact us. We are happy to help you with everything from:

  • Your lease on your residence or for your business;
  • Other real estate agreements, including the sale of property;
  • Your independent contractor agreement or employment agreement; and
  • Much more!

Estate Planning

FamilyLife happens. Tomorrow could be just like any other day, or you could win the lottery, or get hit by a bus. Nobody likes to be caught unawares and through estate planning, you can start to protect your family from some of life’s surprises. It’s sometimes a hard topic to talk about, but much like a flu shot, it’s an overly-dreaded quick pinch that packs a whole lot of gain.

Estate planning is not just about what happens during and after your death. Estate planning includes the documentation covering the possibility of disability when you might be unable to make decisions for yourself. Lawyers call these powers of attorney – they ensure medical decisions are made, as well as financial decisions, and are a key part of estate planning.

The documents we create during estate planning are designed to limit issues for you and your loved ones – in a very real way, these documents are created for your family.

From powers of attorney to wills, trusts, and more, having a trusted advisor to guide you through the process is critical. Contact me today to start the conversation.

Let's start the conversation.

From powers of attorney to business planning, and more, having a trusted advisor to guide you through the process is critical.