What is the difference between a lawyer and a gym membership? You are willing to go to the gym.

Initial Consultation
Hourly Rate
$200Per Hour

The legal industry is known for a couple of big things, including being expensive with unclear deliverables. It makes people not want to go to an attorney.

Truth is, before taking most actions, you should be in front of a lawyer describing the goals and manner of reaching those goals. Not for an attorney to say no, but for the attorney to say: sounds good, and we need to take into account these legal issues. Hanning Law Ltd. wants you to succeed and that means avoiding legal obstacles.

As such, Hanning Law Ltd. offers annual plans with the express purpose of being reasonably priced with clear goals. These plans ensure you can talk with an attorney and receive other annual benefits. Each annual plan applies to one business each and the plans stack – meaning you can pay for exactly what you need.

The Keep Me Current Plan
$400Per Year
  • For a limited fee, you get an attorney who reaches out to you and handles the annual filing requirements with the secretary of state.
The First Step Plan
$100Per Month
  • Your contracts need to evolve with a changing business environment, the best way to do that is to have them reviewed annually by an attorney.
The Common Questions Plan
$200Per Month
  • Along with prepaid meeting time, you earn a discount on specific projects and best of all you can email us up to 185 questions.
The Create + Execute = Profit Plan
$300Per Month
  • Purchase an average of one hour of time per with an attorney per month and email Hanning Law Ltd. up to 365 questions.

Piecemeal Rates

In order to be as transparent as possible about what you might be paying with your specific situation and set of circumstances, I’ve listed many of my rates below. If you have questions and would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me.


  • Single Member LLC Operating Agreement – $1250
  • Multi Member LLC Operating Agreement – $2,750
  • Bylaws – Founders Agreement – $1850
  • Public Benefit Corporation Bylaws – Founders Agreement – $2295
  • Non-Profit Application – $6,000

Reviewing Contracts

  • Small Contract – $150
  • Medium Contract – $300
  • Large Contract – $600

Drafting Contracts and Letters

  • 2-5 Pages – $450
  • 6-10 Pages – $850
  • IP License – $1275

Trademarks and Copyright

  • Trademark Search – $525
  • Trademark Application – $700
  • Copyright Registration – $400

Estate Planning

  • Simple Will – $450
  • Power of Attorney – $150

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